North London Business Awards - Award ceremony

Planning an Award Ceremony

We are experienced in all the major London and Birmingham venues, plus we will ensure your sponsors are delivered what they have been promised.

Award ceremonies need to simply be an unforgettable night for the winners. The event should recognise excellence within a sector and reward the best. After taking your brief and understanding your audience, we will produce your event. This involves the whole production of the show from the multimedia to the staging, projection, lighting, sound, branding, hosts, entertainment, voice of god, technical support, floor managers and special effects.


Case Studies

Best Health Practise in South London Awards

In 2015 we worked with a comity in London who organised an unofficial awards ceremony to alert the public and the media of how amazing some of the private health practises are that are available to us.

In the UK we have always had health services available to us and it is because of this that people wanted to plan an event to show the appreciation of how well the health services are run and how much they are required by the general public.

Runners Up

2015 Winner

The Perfect Smile - Dental Practise


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